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Do you wish you had a better performing website?

Are you tired of your poorly performing website

Is your website poorly designed? Slowly loading? Breaks often? Does not generate leads or sales?

Are you feeling frustration and pain at no return on investment in your website?

Small business deserves to succeed online too.

In the late 1990’s I made the bold decision to build my own website with little background knowledge, and I wondered why no one visited it.

Further down the track I’ve had clients with websites that had website visitors, but no leads or sales.

Websites that you’ve invested time and money in that receive no traffic, leads or sales are painful and frustrating. I’ve been there and experienced the same feelings.

Since those early days, I’ve educated myself in marketing and search engine optimisation best practices, and I’ve seen my own and my client websites increase in traffic, qualified leads, and sales.

What you need.

You need website hosting that runs on computers not with hard disk drives (HDDs), but with solid state drives (SSDs).

Hard disk drives have moving parts, and this movement slows down the speed of the drive.

Solid state drives have no moving parts. They’re built using similar technology as USB thumb drives. They’re about 10 times faster than hard disk drives.

I sell website hosting on servers that use solid state drives.

Since moving several websites from iiNet hosting, I’ve noticed the time to load the first byte of the website (TTFB) has decreased by about 90% (making the TTFB 10 times faster), and the time to load the full home page about 2-3 times faster. TTFB is a search engine ranking factor, so having a fast TTFB will improve your search engine ranking. Having your home page load 2-3 times faster also prevents human visitors from getting impatient and going to a different website, or back to Google.

You also need someone to professionally maintain the software that powers your website. If, for instance, your website is powered by WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, or any other kind of CMS, the makers of the software regularly release updates to their software which plugs security holes, improves performance, and adds new features. If these updates are not installed, your website becomes vulnerable to being hacked as hackers exploit old security vulnerabilities.

I have around 15 years’ experience using website software technology, and I am experienced and equipped to keep your website up-to-date, secure, with high performance, and fast loading times using caching technology.

My agreement to you.

If you decide to choose Doig Website Technology (that’s me) to host and maintain your website, I agree to keep your website online 99.9% of the time, and promise to give you 6 months free website maintenance if your website is ever hacked.

What to do next.

If you want a much faster website, sign up for my website hosting on solid state drives here. I will transfer the website from your existing hosting to your new fast hosting for you for free.

If you want a more robust, secure, up to date website, sign up for website maintenance here.

If you don’t own a domain name, you can register one when you sign up for hosting here.

If you want to step ahead and build your own website yourself using WordPress, download my simple guide here. If you get stuck, you’re welcome to ask me for help.


Relax, sit back and enjoy higher visitor numbers that result from a faster more robust website.

If you’ve signed up to have me audit your home page, and have me improve your home page copy writign, enjoy more conversions from visitors to sales. Now you have a website that produces a positive return on investment.

Avoid the frustration and pain of a poorly designed, slowly loading, intermittently breaking website.

Before: you were unhappy with paying money for a website that brought no joy, no income, no results.

After: after working with me, you will discover the fulfillment of a website that finally produces results for you, your business, or your organisation.

Steven approached our needs professionally, expeditiously and catered to our financial capabilities. The proof of the exercise was in an eye catching and functional layout of our webpage, that was approved on the very first read of the draft. The setting up our webpage on Steven’s own server was facilitated without any intervention on the part of the entire membership of the Organization. The continuous service that is provided by Steven, in maintaining our web page, is very efficient and his suggestions have always been to facilitate the betterment of our webpage. The experience of dealing with Steven, these past few years, has indeed been very professional and his attitude to the clients needs have always been very positive and caters to their individual needs. It has been a pleasure dealing with Steven Doig and we have no hesitation to recommend his services to those wishing to avail of a very professional gentleman.

Reg Luther

Volunteer, Joondalup Men's Shed

Our old website was very ordinary, cluttered, untidy and difficult to understand. Many had difficulty navigating. There is no comparison between White Wreath’s old website with the new version Steve has produced for us. The new website is professional, with much better navigation. I feel our new website will lead us into new territories as the feedback we are receiving indicates much more interest in our organisation.

Fanita Clark

CEO, White Wreath

I found Steve through his support of the recent Walk for Hope charity event, and requested he build me a new business website. Steve built a professional website and I was really pleased with the end result. Steve also gave me the ability to edit the website content and layout myself if needed, which is a great tool because I like to be able to edit the content myself when the need arises.The best thing about Steve however, is his customer service and “after care”. Long after I paid Steve to build my website, he is still actively assisting me with advice and IT assistance for my business. Recently he was even assisting me with an IT issue on a Sunday…now that’s the type of service you only get from someone who appreciates and understands client service. I would happily recommend Steve Doig Web Technology to anyone for their IT needs.

Mark Brennan

Managing Director, Brennan and Associates

What a wonderful experience! Fast, high quality and professional service. Very pleased with the end result of our new websites. Thank you Doig Web Technology and Steven for your friendly easy to deal with attitude, professionalism and experience.

Angie Cleone

Founding Chairman, ForACURE Foundation

I have never had anything but gratitude for what Steve has done for me. The website has always been first class.

John Brodie

Brodie Speaking & The Horse Highway

When Eamon Sullivan and I needed to get the website for our espresso bar, Louis Baxters up and running quickly, Steve Doig came to our rescue. Within hours, we had sample pages – all of which we loved. Within a few days and in time for Eamon’s appearance on MasterChef, our site was live. This level of service generally comes at a huge cost, but Steve’s prices were excellent and his ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude made the whole process extremely smooth for us. Since going live, we have had huge success with the website and of course with Louis Baxters and the ‘aftercare’ we have received has been fabulous. We are grateful for Steve’s professionalism, expertise and for his excellent communication skills. Eamon and I highly recommend Steve Doig to anyone wanting to get a great website up and live!

Laki Baker

Louis Baxters

Steve created my website just the way I wished; efficiently & effectively, asking me all the right questions I didn’t know were needed. A happy client.


Futurist, Annimac Consultants