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Tired of big web design companies quoting you website design jobs for $5K – $10K ?

I’m Steve Doig, and I’ve encountered the same problem.

  • I’ve searched for professional website design companies who can produce the solution I need, but they charge a lot of money, often five to ten thousands of dollars, when I have expected 1 thousand.
  • I taught myself to perform the same services professional website design companies provide, and I have built a successful business performing those services for businesses like yours.

Here’s what I can do for you.

  • Here’s a plan. Register your own business domain name for $12.50 /year @
  • Sign up for website hosting from $5 /mth for budget hosting, to $19.95 /mth for premium (fast) hosting on solid state drives.
  • I will create an e-commerce website for you for $1500. Sell your own products from your own website. Receive payments through Paypal, eWay, or Swift (who charge around 2.6% per transaction). Transfer money out of Paypal, eWay, or Swift into your own business bank account at no charge.
  • I will teach you how to maintain your own website, where you can edit your own webpages, edit your products & product prices, and keep your website up to date (or even publish your own blog).
  • I will set up Google Analytics for you, so you can see how many website visitors you receive, where they come from, and what they do on your website.
  • I will submit your website to Google, Bing & Yahoo, so that the major search engines can index your website, and you can be found online.

Get Started Today.

  1. Go ahead. Register and lock in your domain name today.
  2. Sign up for hosting. Once you have hosting, you can start using email @ your own domain name.
  3. Hire me to build you your business website.


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Are you hiring website designers who are hard to understand and hard to inform about your website and business requirements?

Does your website designer use jargon you don’t understand, which complicates the process of having an effective website built?

I have 10 years experience in technical support before moving to website design, and have become trained to avoid using technical jargon or lingo when communicating with clients who do not have the same technical background that I do. I have learnt to translate technical or design concepts into easily understandable concepts so that my client and I can move as fast as possible into building the website solution their business requires.

How may I help you?

Looking for the trade secret on how to build a website quickly?

Learn how web designers build WordPress websites in the click of a button. WordPress powers 1/3 of all of the websites on the web.
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Corporate WordPress Services

I build successful websites for accountants, mortgage brokers, electricians,
medical centres, doctors, lawyers, psychologists and professionals of all different kinds.

Website Design for Perth Small and Medium Businesses

By freelance website professional Steve Doig
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What You Need to Do

If you'd like to work with me to build a business website, here's what needs to happen
  1. Essential: If you don’t have your own domain name for your business (e.g. Telstra’s domain name is, you’ll need to register a new domain name with a domain name registrar. My favourite registrar (and cheapest in Australia) is Crazy Domains. If you register @ Crazy Domains, and add a domain name to your cart, during checkout do not opt in for any of their optional extras – you do not need them – just keep selecting “Next”.
  2. Essential: Once you have a domain name, you’ll need website hosting. When you have website hosting for your website, you are renting space on a web server. The web server delivers your website to each website visitor’s computer when they load your website. You can get website hosting for as low as $5 / month (Panthur), but if you want your website to load as fast as possible, make sure your website hosting runs on solid state drives (SSDs). SSDs are like hard disk drives (HDDs) found in older computers, but are much faster than HDDs. I offer web
    site hosting on fast SSDs for $19.95/month.
  3. Once you have website hosting for your domain, you can create your own email address @ Ask me for help with this if you like.
  4. Now all you need is someone to build your website for you. If you’d like a free (& obligation-free) quote, click here.

Feel free to gather other quotes. You will not save money with a large brick and mortar web design company. They have large corporate rent, large staff salaries, and large overheads. I work from home and hire outside help only when needed.

Feel free to try a cheaper website designer. In my experience they do not offer the same quality as a mid tier freelancer, and do not value their own work highly enough to charge higher fees.

What I Offer

I offer attractive, functional websites which work to achieve your business goals. The websites I build can be edited by you, so you don’t have to pay for a web designer to make text, image or navigation menu changes.

My mission is to help small to medium businesses and organisations achieve offline real world success, by building websites that attract visitors, educate visitors about your products & services, and receive as many transactions as possible (leads, sales, donations, downloads).

I am a professional freelance website professional, offering web design, development, marketing, support, maintenance, and hosting.

  • Web Design 90% 90%
  • Website Building 95% 95%
  • Wordpress theme customisation 95% 95%
  • Wordpress maintenance 90% 90%
  • Website technical support 90% 90%
  • 3rd party technical collaboration 88% 88%
Steve Doig

Steve Doig

Freelance website designer

Steve Doig is a freelance website professional, working from Palmyra, Perth, Western Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of clients do you work with?
I work with all shape and size of client, including solo and small business, sporting clubs, restaurants, consultants, and in particular I really enjoy working with artists.

What is your turn around time?
If it is urgent, we can generally finish a small website within a week. More complex websites can take up to 6 weeks or more, depending on the pace of communications when resolving configuration issues with 3rd party software modules or plugins to the main website.

Do you have an affiliate program?
I may have an affiliate program by the end of August 2016.

My Work Flow

1. Listen

The first step in a web site design project is to listen to you, to understand your recent experience of your website, or website concept, and to grasp what your business goals are.

2. Plan

The next step is to plan the new website build. This involves researching solutions, setting time frames, and also setting expectations.

3. Design

Once we have the planning in place, the next step is the design of the website. This involves designing the website visitor ‘journey’ through your website (so they get to the end of the journey and hit ‘buy’!), creating a ‘wire frame’ of your website to submit to you for approval, creating a colour palette for your website, producing a ‘responsive’ (mobile friendly) HTML template from the wire frame and colour palette, once you’re happy with the design of this template, we move onto the development phase.

4. Develop

I integrate the design to create a highly functional website.

5. Maintain

Maintaining your website means ensuring you, my client, know how to edit webpages, image galleries, adjust navigation menus, control specialised modules (often WordPress plugins like WooCommerce) within the website, and are generally happy with how your website is performing.

If you’d like to discuss how we can increase the amount of website visitors or website conversions you receive, then I can offer website optimisation services beyond the website build.

Most websites I build are made with WordPress or Joomla, and generally require updating the core software, or the software controlling extra modules quite regularly. It is generally recommended to make a backup of your website before applying a core software update, in case something goes wrong during or after the update and your website ‘breaks’ (doesn’t display properly, or displays a bare white page. I offer WordPress maintenance contracts if this is a task or worry you don’t want to deal with.

Steve created a website just the way we wanted it and also made it mobile friendly. He has worked with us along the way to make adjustments to the website as the way we wanted to take bookings has changed, and we rely on Steve for our WordPress maintenance.

Steve coordinated a technical support response to an email outage our website faced and also removed a virus on the website while our website was temporarily maintained by another party.

Steve is friendly, polite & professional, and we are happy we hired him to build and maintain our website.

The Team

Bib and Tucker Restaurant

What a wonderful experience!

Fast, high quality and professional service. Very pleased with the end result of our new websites. Thank you Steve for your friendly easy to deal with attitude, professionalism and expertise.

Angie Cleone

Founding Chairman, ForACURE Foundation

When Eamon Sullivan and I needed to get the website for our espresso bar, Louis Baxters up and running quickly, Steve Doig came to our rescue. Within hours, we had sample pages – all of which we loved. Within a few days and in time for Eamon’s appearance on MasterChef, our site was live.

This level of service generally comes at a huge cost, but Steve’s prices were excellent and his ‘nothing is a problem’ attitude made the whole process extremely smooth for us. Since going live, we have had huge success with the website and of course with Louis Baxters and the ‘aftercare’ we have received has been fabulous.

We are grateful for Steve’s professionalism, expertise and for his excellent communication skills. Eamon and I highly recommend Steve Doig to anyone wanting to get a great website up and live!

Laki Baker

Louis Baxters Cafe, Subiaco

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