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E-Book: Quick Guide to Building a Website with WordPress




Imagine your business website is old, slow, and crappy, and no one knows how to change or update it.

Now, imagine unveiling a new, beautiful, fast, SEO-enhanced, editable website, which looks great on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

This new website improves your search engine rankings because the HTML is structured smartly around all-important headings, alt tags, and uses CSS to reduce the bloat of old fashioned HTML.

Because your website rankings improve, your amount of website visitors you receive increases.

Your business receives more leads, customers, and orders.

Your website looks beautiful, and performs beautifully.

You unveiled it.

But who built it?

A big flashy website design company, charging $5000 to 10,000?


You built it.


Because you purchased my e-book “The Quick Guide to Building a Website using WordPress”.

For $14.

It took time, yes, but the time you invested in learning to build a website is time you don’t have to reinvest to build your 2nd website. You will have those website construction skills up your sleeve for the next website you build, which might be a 2nd spin off site for your company, or even a personal website, to show off your art or photography.

Soon, your 3rd website will be even better, and you might even start building websites for your friends or family.

All because you took the decision to invest $14 in purchasing and absorbing “The Quick Guide to Building a Website using WordPress” e-book.

So, ask yourself, would you like to experience the moment you unveil a brand new, beautiful website your company can edit and extend itself?

If so, all you have to do is purchase this e-book.

Money back guarantee
If you’re not satisfied with this product within 60 days of purchase, let me know and I’ll refund your money straight away.


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