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Dynamic Keyword Insertion WordPress Plugin

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Grab the Google Adwords keyword used to trigger your ad and insert this keyword into your WordPress landing page.

Paid Advertising
Add a tracking parameter onto your paid ad’s destination URL & insert the shortcode where you want the dynamic keyword to appear on your landing page.

Organic Search
The plugin also listens for organic search keywords in your page’s referring URL and inserts those organic search keywords where your shortcode is.

Display a default word or phrase if no keyword is found.

1 review for Dynamic Keyword Insertion WordPress Plugin

  1. Robert McCulloch

    If you use AdWords and want to improve your Quality Score… this plugin is magic. Seriously! I saved a DUI attorney $40,000 in 6 months by increasing his Quality Score for his top 2 keywords by just 2 points. This plugin played a large part in my success. I would give it 6 stars if I could. It’s also good for simple split testing as well.

    AdWords Insider dot org

    • SRD

      That’s fantastic news Robert. I appreciate you letting me know.

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