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I don’t get any traffic to my website

The importance of website traffic.

Without getting visitors to your website, you’re not going to make any sales, or receive any leads.

Let’s take a different look at how you’re operating your business website.

What are you really selling?

Do you sell your products and services? You don’t. You’re selling solutions to peoples’ problems and needs. Your products/services themselves are not the solutions, they are a means to an end. Whatever people buy, they are not buying the thing, but the benefit the thing brings them.

When you focus on the solutions that you sell, instead of the products and services that deliver them, you take a big step closer to your prospects.

There may be many solutions to any given problem. The solutions may be equally good. It is the best proposition that wins the day.

Stop selling products, and start selling propositions. It is your job to present propositions that show how your products solve the problem.

Stop selling features, and start selling benefits. No one ever bought a feature. They bought what the feature means to them.

Stop referring to Us, start referring to You. Your customers (and prospects) are only interested in one thing: “what’s in it for me?”.

Every proposition you offer is nothing more than a way of translating your features into their benefits. If everyone is only interested in themselves, we should endeavor to present our propositions in a way that makes sense from their perspective, not from our own.

I want to learn how to attract more customers to my website by learning about the awareness ladder.

The awareness ladder is a tool to segment your potential market into the level of awareness your market has of your product and your brand.

Understanding the Six Steps of Awareness.

  • Everyone, at some point, starts at Step 0 (before they realize they have a need).
  • They can only ever buy from Step 5 – when they are convinced by the proposition that the solution will address their needs.
  • The sequence is logical. Prospects can only go up one step at a time.
  • So, to achieve a sale, you must get people from their current level of awareness to the top of the ladder, one step at at time.

ladder of awareness

The job then is to structure your website content so that your webpages address each step on the awareness ladder, and lead the visitor up to the next step.

Learn how to attract more customers to my website by learning about the awareness ladder.